Woof-woof: the new meow-meow?

April 18, 2010, 8:23 pm

Now that the United Kingdom has classified mephedrone (meow-meow) a Class B drug, other substances are rushing to take its place as a “legal high” a club drug.  The Guardian (U.K.) reports today that MDAI, a selective serotonin releaser first studied at Purdue University over a decade ago, is considered the most likely contender, at least by one organization that monitors trends in drug abuse.  According to Wikipedia, street names for MDAI in the U.K. include woof woof, stardust, sheet, and mystic. Apparently, a substance purported to be MDAI is already for sale over the internet, sometimes labelled as a “research chemical”.  I was not able to find any clinical studies on PubMed describing the effects of this chemical.

The Independent (U.K.) today reports on another contender: “sparkle”. The story admits that the “content of the drug is shrouded in mystery — and even police and government experts admit they were unaware of the full details of its ingredients and effect”.

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