Tox Tunes #24: Strychnine (The Sonics)

July 5, 2010, 10:28 am

I had forgotten just how good The Sonics were until reminded of this song by Chris Nickson (of Life in the Fast Lane).

The Sonics, from Tacoma WA, got together in the early sixties and developed a cult following in the Pacific northwest.  They are often called the first punk/grunge band. Jack White has cited The Sonics as an important influence on The White Stripes, saying of them:

“Probably the epitome of ’60s punk. Psycho Cinderella, The Witch – animalistic screams signifying the base thoughts of mid-60s bored teens. Harder than the Kinks, and punk long before punk, now finally getting the recognition they deserve. Life becomes better after buying a Sonics record, or at least more tolerable.”

Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

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