Tox Tunes #38: Carbona Not Glue (The Ramones)

January 1, 2011, 3:26 pm

Ran out of Carbona
Mom threw out the glue

Ran out of paint and roach spray too

If you can’t decipher the lyrics in this rare live clip of the Ramones, click here. Until the 1970s, the stain remover Carbona contained carbon tetrachloride, a particularly dangerous chlorinated hydrocarbon that can cause hepatic necrosis.  The cleaning solution has since been reformulated. In addition to liver damage, inhaling carbon tet produces CNS and myocardial depression, as well as a defatting dermatitis.  Death can occur from hypoxia or cardiac arrhythmia.

This song was on some versions of the Ramones’ album Leave Home but not on others because of a trademark dispute with the Carbona company.

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