The Toxic Web: a guide to online toxicology resources

July 6, 2011, 11:52 am

Did you know that there was on the web a worldwide guide to plants that are poisonous by contact? Or a world directory of poison centers? How about a frequently updated compilation of tox in the news? I didn’t know about these sites either until I recently discovered The Toxic Web, a webpage with links to an amazing number of online resources. Some of these resources have expired or haven’t been updated in years, but I found many useful sites by following the links.  There are also a number of quotations — famous and otherwise — about poisons, toxicology, and books.  My guess is that the proprietor of The Toxic Web is from Yorkshire — why else post a swipe at the region by Phlip Larkin: “I wish I could think of just one nice thing I could tell you about Hull. Oh yes . . . it’s very nice and flat for cycling.”


  1. Pedantic Toxicologist Says:

    Meh, the worldwide guide to plants that are poisonous by contact omits the New Zealand Urtica ferox, tree nettle or ongaonga, which has caused human fatalities.

  2. Leon Says:

    P. Toxicologist:

    Well I’d give them points for including Urtica ferox — the tree nettle — under “these and other urtica species” in their discussion of the stinging nettle.

  3. Pedantic Toxicologist Says:

    I think Urtica ferox deserves an entry all its own, not just because I am a Kiwi, but because it can be fatally toxic, which is a step up from most Urtica species.