Entourage and “The Whizzinator”

August 27, 2011, 12:43 pm

TPR just returned from vacation, finally caught up with episode 92 (titled “Whiz Kid”) of the HBO series Entourage, and was interested to see that it contained plenty of material related to toxicology. In this episode Vince is required by his probation officer to take a urine drug test. Since he had smoked a joint the week before (in an attempt to prove to himself that he wasn’t addicted) and knows evidence of marijuana use could remain in the urine for up to 90 days, he fears he would test positive and an upcoming film project would have to be scuttled.

His half-brother Drama suggests drinking massive amounts of vinegar, niacin, and distilled water to cleanse the system and mask the presence of THC.  (This technique is, of course, an urban myth), but Vince can not force down the vile mixture. Another friend suggests using a prosthetic penis attached to bag filled with clean urine, since the test will be closely observed. Using this device, Vince successfully passes the drug test.

The prosthesis Vince uses is similar to the famous Whizzinator, a product advertised for many years in the pages of High Times as a means of defeating drug tests.  The kit came with the artificial member, dried urine, a reservoir bag, and a heating element so that the “urine” could be at body temperature. In 2005 when Vikings running back Onterrio Smith was stopped at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when he was discovered with a Whizzinator in his possession.

The Whizzinator is no longer marketed as a device for defeating drug tests.  However, similar products are still advertised, ostensibly as toys for sex play involving urine.

For a very funny Washington Post report about a congressional investigative hearing involving the Whizzinator, click here.

Those who subscribe to HBO can see the entire “Whiz Kid” episode at HBO on Demand or HBO GO,

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