Why are acetaminophen-poisoned mouse corpses being parachuted into Guam?

February 25, 2013, 1:09 am

Brown tree snake

ABC News reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Service in planning to parachute dead mice stuffed with acetaminophen into the jungles of Guam in an attempt to poison the brown tree snake population that has taken over the area. First inttroduced into Guam after World War II, the snake has annihilated the bird population. Some experts fear it will come to Hawaii, devastating the wildlife there.

Each dead mouse will contain about 80 mg acetaminophen, a fatal dose of the snakes. It will be attached to a long paper stringer, meant to entangle the murine corpse in treetops, where the snake feeds. There have actually been scientific studies to determine the best way to deliver these airborne mouse treats.

[Photograph of brown tree snake from wikipedia.org]

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