A “big Christmas cardigan”: recreational use of ketamine and methoxetamine

March 26, 2013, 3:09 pm


From “Special K” to “Special M”: The Evolution of the Recreational Use of Ketamine and Methoxetamine. Corazza O et al. CNS Neurosci Ther 2013 Feb 20 {Epub ahead of print]


Methoxetamine (MXE) is a derivative of ketamine that for the last several years has been sold over the internet as a designer drug. Like ketamine, it produces acute cerebellar dysfunction and dissociative anesthesia. At the cellular level, MXE acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist as well as a serotonin-reuptake inhibitor. Street names for MXE include special K, Mexxy, and Roflcopter.

There has not been much scientific literature studying the effects of MXE. These seem to be similar to those of ketamine, but with a more prolonged onset and duration. Given the dearth of study, the authors of this paper reviewed websites, blogs, and user forums — as well as the medical literature — to determine drug effects.

Obviously, this method yielded findings that are less than reliable.It is fascinating but probably not all that helpful to learn that some drug forum posts have described the MXE high in the following terms:

  • “music sounds great”
  • “trapped inside a glass chopping board”
  • “big Christmas cardigan”

Unfortunately, the authors presentation here is somewhat disjointed, and it is at times unclear whether they are describing known effects of MXE, effects of ketamine, or simply unconfirmed reports from user forums.

Even given the inherent limitations of using drug forums for medical information, the authors are vague about there references, citing for example the website Bluelight but not giving a specific page reference.

Nevertheless, there is some interesting material here, including the discussion of ketamine and the sensation of near-death experience.

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