TCA overdose, toxic beer, and allegations of a mayor on crack: Weekly Web Review in Toxicology

May 19, 2013, 2:30 pm

Tricyclic Antidepressant Overdose – Over at EMCrit Blog, Scott Weingart has posted a superb podcast discussing the presentation and treatment of TCA overdose. In severe cases not responding to standard therapy, lidocaine, lipid rescue, or ECMO may be indicated. Gastrointestinal lavage — I’m not so sure. Both the podcast and the show notes are well worth your attention.

Was Toronto mayor Rob Ford caught on film smoking crack? 

Two journalists from the Toronto Star report that they have seen a video apparently showing mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe. The mayor has issued what appear to be non-denial denialsNew York Magazine has chronicled 20 instances of bizarre behavior exhibited by the mayor, at least several seeming drug related. And in an hilarious featureSlate challenges the reader to identify whether each of 20 different quotations were uttered by Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto or Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby of The Simpsons’ hometown Springfield.

Toxic Beer – A Florida man is suing a Dallas-area Red Lobster for caustic injuries apparently sustained after drinking a draft beer ordered at the restaurant.  The Dallas Observer reports that Justin Grogg, in town from Florida on a business trip, developed severe pharyngeal and gastrointestinal pain immediately after downing the beer. Gregg’s lawsuit claims that the restaurant had cleaned in beer’s keg and tubing with potassium hydroxide earlier that day, but neglected to rinse system adequately. The suit is seeking compensation for mental and physical pain, as well as medical expenses.


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  1. Scott Says:

    Totally agree with the skepticism over lavage. It was only when all three of the consultant tox folks I had on the line all wanted it that I acquiesced.