Taste test: would a child find e-cigarette nicotine liquids appealing?

June 9, 2014, 12:16 am

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Calls to poison centers regarding ingesting e-cigarette nicotine liquid have increased radically in recent years. There is clearly enough nicotine in a vial of this liquid to constitute a lethal dose for a toddler. Nicotine is a potent cholinergic neurotoxin. When you consider that the industry is at present unregulated and that many containers are not child-proof — as well as the candy and fruit flavors many of these products come in — it is somewhat surprising that no cases of serious toxicity have yet been reported.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that they would begin regulating these products. It will, however, take some time for controls to be put in place.

My Emergency Medicine News column on e-cigarette nicotine liquid toxicity has just been posted. In it, I taste test several of these products to see if it seems kids would find them palatable. To read the column, click here.

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