Tox Tunes #84: Pass the Dutchie (Musical Youth)

July 13, 2014, 5:50 pm

The term “dutchie” now refers to a marijuana product, possibly a “blunt” made from a cigar such as a Dutch Masters. But it probably didn’t in 1982 when the British reggae band Musical Youth released this hit. The song is a cover of the Mighty Diamonds’ “Pass the Koutchie” — a “koutchie” being a pipe used to smoke marijuana.

However, then Musical Youth’s version was released, the record company thought it unseemly for young teenagers to be singing about drugs, so the title was changed to “Pass the Dutchie”. A “dutchie” at that time referred to a large, heavy cooking pot such as a dutch oven. It is not clear if the pun on the word “pot” was intentional.

Another change: In this version, Musical Youth sing: “How does it feel when you’ve got no food?” The Mighty Diamonds original asked: “How does it feel when you’ve got no herb?”

Here is the Magic Diamonds’ original “Pass the Koutchie”:

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