Saturday with SMACC: Motorbike Mayhem

November 1, 2014, 3:34 pm

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.48.59 PM

The lecture by John Hinds (@DocJohnHinds) last March at SMACC Gold in Brisbane was one of the most fascinating and unusual presentations I’ve ever seen at a medical conference. Hinds, a consultant anesthesiologist and intensivist at Craigavon Area Hospital in Northern Ireland, is also a motor bike racing enthusiast. His riveting account of the types of injuries that can occur in this sport — and how to manage them — should not be missed. To hear the lecture and access the slide set, click here.

And that brings us to breaking, very exciting news. The brochure for SMACC CHICAGO has just been released, with just an amazing schedule of lectures, presentations, discussions, and contests. (Sonowars is back!)  John Hinds will give a presentation on “More Cases from the Faces.” Among the other faculty attending are Chris Nickson, Scott Weingart, Cliff Reid, Amal Mattu, Joe Lex, Rob Rogers, Steve Smith, Matt Dawson, Mike Mallon, Vicki Noble, Mike Stone, Ashley Shreves, Paul Marik, Rob Orman, Victoria Brazil, Pat Crosskerry, David Newman, Natalie May, Minh Le Cong, Rich Levitan, Simon Carley, Paul Auerbach, David Juurlink, and many many more.

SMACC CHICAGO will take place June 23-26, 2015. Registration begins in just a few days. Aside the amazing program, we in Chicago can promise world class music (especially jazz and blues), superb food, wonderful parks, and two decidedly mediocre baseball teams. Looking forward to seeing everyone at SMACC CHICAGO — in should be the Woodstock of medical conferences (but without the rain, mud, and Sha Na Na.)

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