Tox Tunes #111: Girl on LSD (Tom Petty)

October 8, 2017, 11:26 pm

Although this Tom Petty song is somewhat obscure, I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t know about it until an article in The Cannabist after the singer’s death last week brought it to my attention. The song appeared as the B-side to “You Don’t Know How It Feels” and was scheduled to be on Petty’s 1994 album Wildflowers, but the record company (Warners) objected because of its content.

The New York Times has posted a guide with links to 14 essential Petty tracks. By the way, in a brilliant cold open to “Saturday Night Live” yesterday following the mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean covered Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” — a song that for some unfathomable reason was left off the Times‘ list:




  1. Louis Diamond Says:

    Dr. Gussow, it is great to see you are posting again. There is and Eric Burdon song called A Girl Named Sandoz, during a time when his turns were not so stellar. Then there is the Country Joe and The Fish tune, Acid Commercial, a brief filler on their second record. These may be in Tox Tunes and sorry for this if they are.

  2. Leon Gussow Says:


    Thank you for the comment. I did post “A Girl Named Sandoz” as Tox Tune #34 in 2010, but used the Smashing Pumpkins cover or Eric Burden’s original.

    Although I was a huge Country Joe and the Fish fan back in the days, I had completely forgotten about Acid Commercial.